Set - Ordered Set

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An ordered set is a set where the elements are ordered.

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Data System Architecture
(Collection|Container) Data Type (Set, Bag, Sequence)

A collection is a abstract data type for grouping together multiple values. It's therefore sometime known as a container and creates a aggregation relationship A collection is: an object that groups...
Data System Architecture
Collection - Sequence (Ordered)

A sequence is an abstract collection: of non-unique element where order matters - ie (A,B) is not equal to (B,A) non-unique means that it allows duplicate member (the same element/value may occur...
Data System Architecture
Logical Data Modeling - Multiplicity

Multiplicity constrain the number of values that may be contained by a container (ie entity set) The multiplicity specifies valid cardinalities of the collection it represents. (It denotes the possible...

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