What is State? Data and Programming

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State are the attribute values of a thing (entity) at a given moment.

A State can be seen as a snapshot of values at a precise moment.


  • File:
    • if a line was added to a file, the file has a new state
    • if the owner changed, the file has a new state
    • if a variable has a new value, the variable has a new state
  • A on/off button has two states:

On Off Automaton

State modification

You can modify the state only in 2 ways:

  • event-driven
  • state driven

Reactive / Event-Driven

Tracking the changes to values as your program runs and propagating this change is called reactive programming.

And is the core of event-driven data application.

Lifecycle / State driven

Automata models computing devices or machines through state transition. See Automata - State

On Off Automaton

A entity may have several related primary state stored in a attribute called status that forms together a lifecyle(ie automata)

State History

See Data - History (Versioning) - Historical Data

Documentation / Reference

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