Time Serie - (Trend|Sloping line) with regression


Trend is also known as sloping line.

For Trend analysis (increase or decrease) , See Statistics - Regression


search. See Time Serie - Correlation

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Business - Business Intelligence (BI) / Decision Support System (DSS)

business intelligence gather data to analyze trends over time whereas operational intelligence provides a realtime picture of what is currently happening within a system. In a 1958 article, IBM researcher...
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Data Visualisation - Area Chart

An area chart shows the trend of the contribution of: each value over time or by category. It is basically a line graph for which the regions between lines are filled in. Regions stack, adding...
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A Scatterplot displays x-y values as discrete points, scattered within an x-y grid. It plots data points based on two independent variables. Scatter graphs are useful for observing pattern in large...
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Data Visualization - Line Chart

Line chart shows quantities: over time. time series or by category. Line graphs are useful for showing: trends over time. deviations between values. Can be used to plot multiple (variables|measures)...
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Dimensional Data Modeling - Measure

In a dimensional model, a measure is a quantitative attribute of a fact (in a fact table) that is not a foreign key that creates a relationship to a dimension. A measure permits to quantify. A calculated...
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Operational Intelligence

operational intelligence: provides a realtime picture and react realtime of what is currently happening within a system business intelligencetrends over time
Time Serie - Analysis

Time series analysis aims to uncover specific patterns in these data to forecast future values basing on previously observed ones. In Time series, fixed variation are introduced into...
Time Serie - Correlation

Two time series that are not related can have a strong, but spurious, correlation when a trend is added. This strong correlation is just the fact that they're both dependent on the time (X) They both...
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Time Serie - Forecasting (Prediction)

Forecasting is the process of making predictions of the future based on past and present data (time serie) and analysis of trends. Prediction is a similar, but more general term. Usage can differ...
Time Serie - Moving Average (MA) - (Rolling|running)

(moving|rolling|running) average A moving average is commonly used with time series data to smooth out short-term fluctuations and highlight longer-term trends or cycles (Seasonality). Variations include:...

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