Time Serie - Vizualization


Most of the Time serie database have also a visualization tool.

75% of business graphs display time series data.

The visual representation of the full year with four seasons can be seen:

  • as a box,
  • as a straight line
  • or as a circle.

The visual mapping of time may be different across individuals.




Data Visualisation - Histogram (Frequency distribution)

  • Request Time Histogram Diagram
# Transform the text as a POSIXct type
end_ts_time=as.POSIXct(res_succes$END_TS, format="%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S", tz="UTC")
# Show it (User name is the thread name)
ggplotly(ggplot(res_succes, aes(x=end_ts_time, fill=factor(res_succes$USER_NAME)) ) 
         + geom_histogram() # by default the value is stacked by fill (position="stack")
         + scale_x_datetime()
         + labs(title="Request Frequency Diagram", fill="Threads", x="Request End Time", y="Request Count"))

Ggplot Request Time Frequency

  • Request Time Frequency Diagram
end_ts_time=as.POSIXct(res_succes$END_TS, format="%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S", tz="UTC")
ggplotly(ggplot(res_succes, aes(x=end_ts_time, color=factor(res_succes$USER_NAME)) ) 
         + geom_freqpoly(binwidth = 30)
         + scale_x_datetime()
         + labs(title="Request Frequency Diagram", color="Threads", x="Request End Time", y="Request Count"))

Ggplot Request Frequency Diagram


Application Name Technology Store
Cubism D3 - Javascript written by Mike Bostock showing horizon charts Only Viz
Grafana Only Viz
Graphite Store and Viz
Rickshaw Time Serie Built on d3.js Only Viz (Demo)
http://dygraphs.com/ Time Serie specialized Used by Netdata Demo

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