Time - (Age | Aging) Report


An aging or age report shows a metrics by the age of something where the date of birth is generally the start date of a process.


Retention Rate

Customer - Retention

The metrics on week3 shows the number that are using the product and have signed-up three weeks ago.

Retention Rate Aging Report

Age calculation in Oracle

create table t ( x date );
Table created.

insert into t values ( to_date( '15-mar-1965', 'dd-mon-yyyy' ) );
1 row created.

select ( systimestamp - cast( x as timestamp ) ) year to month from t;

        trunc(months_between(sysdate,x)/12) years,
        months_between(sysdate,x)-12*trunc(months_between(sysdate,x)/12) months
from t;
---------- ----------
        44 1.05426971


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Customer - Retention

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