Data (Analysis|Analyse|Analytics)

1 - About

Data analysis is the process of:

  • finding the right data to answer a business question,
  • understanding the processes underlying the data,
  • discovering the important patterns in the data,
  • and then communicating your results to have the biggest possible impact.

Analytical jobs extract information and insight from raw data.

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3 - Type

from the least to most complex, in terms of knowledge, costs, and time:

  • Exploratory: first look of the data
    • Descriptive. quantitatively describing the main features of a collection of data. Univariate and Bivariate are two types of statistical descriptive analyses.
  • Inferential. Use a relatively small sample of data to say something about a bigger population.
  • Predictive. Make predictions about future events based on current and historical facts.
  • Causal. Find out what happens to one variable when you change another.
  • Mechanistic. Understand the exact changes in variables that lead to changes in other variables.

4 - Documentation / Reference

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