Analytic (Data Analyst)

Data System Architecture

Data Analyst vs Data Scientist

A Data Analyst sees what data he has. A Data Scientist imagines what data he is lacking.

Information Analysis

Information analysis provides insight into :

  • the past
  • the present
  • and the future

of the business.

See Time Series (Collection of time data)


The analyse of data is made from many perspectives. See:


Analytics is all about gaining insights from the data for better decision making.

Analytics = Statistical estimation and prediction

Complex analytics

Such problems as computing covariance between daily closing prices of 15,000 the stocks for the last 10 years, usually require array operations which are very hard to do in RDBMS.

Type of Analysis

  • a “what” analysis: a sales revenue report
  • a “how” analysis: a trend analysis showing how to improve sales in a particular region
  • an ad-hoc analysis: an online analytical query created on the fly by an end user.


Analytics Functions Snapshot


Mike Drummond: An airline pilot doesn’t look out the window when he’s flying the plane. he looks at his instruments, and you guys have to do the same thing.

Rather than flooding the sunglasses with data, only relevant decisions and data are projected. No need for the helmsman to interpret the data, he needed to simply act on the decision points.

Self Service (ie Desktop ETL)


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