Dimensional Data Operation - Drill Down / Up

Data System Architecture


Drilling down or up is a data navigation term along hierarchy levels of data ranging:

  • from the most summarized (up)
  • to the most detailed (down)

Drilling down is nothing more than adding columns from the dimension tables. Drilling up is removing them.

We can drill down or up:

  • on attributes from more than one explicit hierarchy
  • and with attributes that are part of no hierarchy.


  • Within the time dimension, months roll up to quarters, quarters roll up to years, and years roll up to all years.
  • Within the product dimension, products roll up to subcategories, subcategories roll up to categories, and categories roll up to all products.
  • Within the customer dimension, customers roll up to city. Then cities roll up to state. Then states roll up to country. Then countries roll up to sub-region. Finally, subregions roll up to region.

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