Data - History (Versioning) - Historical Data

Data System Architecture


Data history (or versioning) is just the derivation of data state.

It can be found in the following data structure:

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Data System Architecture
Data - Snapshot

A snapshot is the copy of the state of an object or entity at a given time. It permits to create a data history.
On Off Automaton
Data - State

State is the attribute values of a thing at a given moment. A State can be seen as a snapshot of values at a precise moment. entityattributestatusa lifecyle Edson...
Dw Layers
Data Warehouse - Layer (Architecture)

Name Properties Stage Layer Real-Time, CDC, continuous refresh DataWarehouse Layer / ODS Normalized, Data History, refresh: 2-6 daily Data Mart Performance, Access layer, Star schema, refresh: 1-4...
Scd Type2
Dimensional Data Modeling - Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD)

Tracking changes in dimension is referred as slowly changing dimensions. It contains data history In the source system a lot of changes are daily made : new customers are added, addresses are modified,...
Slowly Changing Fact (SCF)

Slowly Changing Fact is a table that contains the data history in a fact table structure. slowing changing dimensiondata history A typical example of SCF data is to follow the state attribute of...
Data System Architecture
Transaction - Commit

A commit preserve the changes by creating a new version of the data. See also: Two-phase_commit_protocol A commit occurs by appending a special record into the WAL. A commit request that the changes...
Data System Architecture
Transaction - Isolation (Level|Degree) - (Locking Level ?)

Very early in the development of the transaction concept (ie lock concept), attempts were made to increase concurrency by providing weaker isolation level than the serialiable one. serializability defines...
Data System Architecture
Transactions - Concurrent Read Consistency (multiversion read)

concurrent read data consistency (also known as multi version consistency) means that the database can present a view of data to multiple concurrent users, with each view consistent at a point in time....

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