UI - Visitor Eye (Visitor's attention)

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Where goes the eye in a page ?

Visitor's attention by order on a page:

  1. The top left corner and banner
  2. Images receive the greatest level of attention.
  3. Text (at least is scanned)

This experiment are used to place ad on a page


Eye Heatmap


Place a component slightly left of center in a display to get it the most attention.

See also:

Golden triangle, same as F-Pattern - F-Layout (Golden triangle)

Google Triangle

Eye Tracking New York Times

Ad - Banner (Display)

Banner Blindness


from http://www.usability.at/ - people are looking more at the words on the left than at the large man's face on the right. Eye Heatmap Left Position

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Card Puncher Data Processing
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Card Puncher Data Processing
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