Sh - Sysstat Package (Sys Monitoring packages)


The sysstat package contains utilities to monitoring system metrics performance and usage activity.

Utility Description
iostat reports CPU statistics and input/output statistics for devices, partitions and network filesystems
mpstat(1) reports individual or combined processor related statistics.
pidstat(1) reports statistics for Linux tasks (processes) : I/O, CPU, memory, etc.
sar(1) collects, reports and saves system activity information (CPU, memory, disks, interrupts, network interfaces, TTY, kernel tables,etc.)
sadc(8) is the system activity data collector, used as a backend for sar.
sa1(8) collects and stores binary data in the system activity daily data file. It is a front end to sadc designed to be run from cron.
sa2(8) writes a summarized daily activity report. It is a front end to sar designed to be run from cron.
sadf(1) displays data collected by sar in multiple formats (CSV, XML, etc.) This is useful to load performance data into a database, or import them in a spreadsheet to make graphs.
sysstat(5) is just a manual page for sysstat configuration file, giving the meaning of environment variables used by sysstat commands.
nfsiostat(1) reports input/output statistics for network filesystems (NFS).
cifsiostat(1) reports CIFS statistics.


yum -y install sysstat 



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