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This article is about the path management in bash. ie /dir/childDir/fileName.

See also: Bash - pathname expansion (Filename expansion)

How to

get the name of the file

basename $path

from relative to absolute

MYPATH=$(readlink -f ${MYPATH})

is Absolute

if [[ "$PATH" = /* ]]; then
echo "absolute path";
echo "relative path";
case $PATH in
  /*) echo "absolute path" ;;
  *) echo "relative path" ;;

from Windows to Linux and vice-versa

cygpath -u path # from Windows to Linux
cygpath path # from Linux to Windows

File or Directory

if [[ -d ${ARG} ]]; then
    echo "${ARG} is a directory";
elif [[ -f ${ARG} ]]; then
    echo "${ARG} is a file";
    echo "${ARG} is not a path";
    exit 1;

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