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Bash - Alias (of a command) - Builtin command

Alias allows to define shortcuts and synonyms for commonly used: shell commands (of group of command) or script The basic syntax is: where: p is to only print the aliases [name[=value]...
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Bash - Comment

in bash Multiline In a non-interactive shell, or an interactive shell in which the interactive_comments...
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Bash - Exec (No New Process) - builtin command

If command is specified, it replaces the shell. No new process is created. The shell terminates. where: arguments become the arguments to command. -l the shell places a dash at the beginning...
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Bash - Parameter Expansion ${

Parameter expansion are patterns applied to the parameters that have different results. Same as ?? See also: The value of parameter is substituted where: the braces are optional. They served...
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Bash - process

This article is the bash Process. To see how to manage another general linux process, see The process running the command is created. The process inherits the stdin, stdout, and stderr from...
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What is a Login Shell?

A login shell executes: the login script (behaves as if the user were login) the logout script (at the end of the session) A login shell is a shell: whose first character of argument zero ($0)...

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