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{} is a metacharacter

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Bash - Brace Expansion {} (Data Generation)

Brace expansion is a mechanism by which arbitrary strings may be generated. This mechanism is similar to pathname expansion, but the filenames generated need not exist. Patterns to be brace expanded...
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Bash - (Argument|Positional Parameter)

An argument is a parameter given: to a command to a function or to the bash shell They are referenced by position. A positional parameter is a parameter denoted: by one or more digits, ...
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Bash - Parameter Expansion ${

Parameter expansion are patterns applied to the parameters that have different results. Same as ?? See also: The value of parameter is substituted where: the braces are optional. They served...
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Bash - metacharacter

A metacharacter is a character that has special meaning (bv: separates words,...) Each of the metacharacters has special meaning to the shell and must be quoted if it is to represent itself. One...
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Sh - Special Characters

special character See also: special Parameters the point: >, >>, |, < : the tilde (~): the user directory home $?: the exist status $$: the PID of the parent process ...

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