Bash - (Keyboard) Shortcut

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(Keyboard) Shortcut can be managed with the bind utility.


With Putty:

  • Shift + Insert: Paste

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Bash - Readline (GNU)

Readline is a Repl library. Bash uses readline to provide keyboard shortcuts for command line editing using the default (Emacs) key bindings. Vi-bindings can be enabled by running set -o vi Readline...
Bash Liste Des Attaques Ovh
Bash - Shortcut Key Character Sequence (keyseq)

This section describes just the value (keyseq) content used in the shortcut configuration through: binding with the bind function or the shortcut configuration file .inputrc Sequence Description...
Bash Liste Des Attaques Ovh
Bash - bind builtin function (Key to function, Shortcut)

line editing configuration. Display current readline key and function bindings, Bind a key sequence to a readline function or macro, Set a readline variable. Each non-option argument is a...
Keyboard Us Layout
Keyboard Layout

A keyboard layout is the mapping of a physical key to a character on a keyboard British_and_American_keyboardsUS International keyboard layout The keyboard layout is specified in your operating...

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