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Operator in a posix shell.

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Bash - Boolean Operator

This page is Boolean operator in bash. operators Symbol Logic && || ! not Details: True if expression is false. True if both expression1 and expression2 are true. True if either...
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Bash - Lists of Commands

A list of command is a sequence of one or more pipelines separated by one of the operators: ‘;’, ‘&’, ‘&&’, or ‘||’, and optionally terminated by one of ‘;’, ‘&’, or a newline....
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Shell - Compound Commands

A compound command is one of the following: where () defines the execution environment as a subshell Variable assignments and builtin commands that affect the shell’s environment do not...
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What are Control Operators in Bash?

A control operator is a separator in a list of command that controls the execution of the commands. They implement: Boolean operator Block syntax End of statement Pipe operators A token that...

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