Bash - Jobs (Builtin command)

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Bash - Jobs (Builtin command)


Lists the active jobs and execute job ?


The first form lists the active jobs.

First form

Lists the active jobs.

jobs [-lnprs] [ jobspec ... ]


  • -l List process IDs in addition to the normal information.
  • -p List only the process ID of the job’s process group leader.
  • -n Display information only about jobs that have changed status since the user was last notified of their status.
  • -r Restrict output to running jobs.
  • -s Restrict output to stopped jobs.

If jobspec is given, output is restricted to information about that job. The return status is 0 unless an invalid option is encountered or an invalid jobspec is supplied.

Second form

jobs -x command [ args ... ]


  • -x: jobs replaces any jobspec found in command or args with the corresponding process group ID, and executes command passing it args, returning its exit status.

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