Linux - .baschrc file

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Linux - .baschrc file


.bashrc is a startup script that is executed by bash for non-login shells.

Docker shell are non-login shell for instance.

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Bash - Bash cli

Bash is an sh-compatible a shell that executes commands read: from the standard input or from a file (script). In addition to the single-character shell options documented in the description...
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in bash. Cd is a builtin command that changes the current directory where: the options -L forces symbolic links to be followed. -P says to use the physical directory structure instead of...
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Sh - Home (User, session) directory

The user (session) directory home is saved in the HOME environment variable and can be called with the tilde. .bash_logout .bash_profile .bashrc .kshrc
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Shell - (Startup|Login) script (.bash_profile, .profile, .login)

The shell login scripts are the script that launch automatically after a login shell and permit to store permanently the values of environment variables. bashrc You can found them in two directory:...

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