Performance - (Throughput|Bandwidth|Transfer rate|Frequency)


Throughput is a performance metric showing the amount of data flow a system can support, measured by <MATH> \frac{\text{Tasks count}}{\text{Unit of time}} </MATH>


Improving throughput means:

  • using the least amount of resources necessary to process all input data
  • adding resources

Is throughput in real system just an inverse-time metric. ???



Testing for throughput involves minimizing the number of user connections to a system and maximizing the amount of work being done by those users. This pushes the system and application to capacity so that all issues will be revealed.

Throughput testing of the actual application then involves hitting key pages and/or transactions in the application itself with limited delay between requests to find the page-per-second capacity limit of the various functional components.

Obviously, the pages or transactions with the poorest page throughput need the most tuning.

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