Groovy - Grape Dependency Manager

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Grape is a Dependency manager based on Ivy.


You add dependencies in the script as an annotation.

  • Basic Notation
// Long notation
@Grab(group='com.gerardnico', module='niofs-sftp', version='1.0.0')
// Shorthand Notation
  • Grapes Notation
    @Grab(group='com.jcraft', module='jsch', version='0.1.53'),
    @Grab(group='com.gerardnico', module='niofs-sftp', version='1.0.0')

The Maven Repository gives you the Grab notation.


Grape Maven Repo


Installation of Artifact in the Grape repo

Grape will lookup different maven repositories in order to find it.

The repositories are configured in a Ivy settings file located ~/.groovy/grapeConfig.xml

grape install "com.gerardnico" "niofs-sftp" "1.0.0"
:: loading settings :: url = jar:file:/C:/groovy-2.4.5/bin/../lib/ivy-2.4.0.jar!/org/apache/ivy/core
:: resolving dependencies :: caller#all-caller;working47
        confs: [default]
        found com.gerardnico#niofs-sftp;1.0.0 in localm2
        found com.jcraft#jsch;0.1.51 in localm2
downloading file:C:/Users/gerard/.m2/repository/com/gerardnico/niofs-sftp/1.0.0/niofs-sftp-1.0.0.jar
        [SUCCESSFUL ] com.gerardnico#niofs-sftp;1.0.0!niofs-sftp.jar (31ms)
downloading file:C:/Users/gerard/.m2/repository/com/jcraft/jsch/0.1.51/jsch-0.1.51.jar ...
        [SUCCESSFUL ] com.jcraft#jsch;0.1.51!jsch.jar (94ms)


grape list
com.jcraft jsch  [0.1.51, 0.1.53]
org.sonatype.oss oss-parent  [6]

2 Grape modules cached
3 Grape module versions cached


Repository Directory

If you need to change the directory grape uses for downloading libraries you can specify the grape.root system property to change the default (which is ~/.groovy/grape)

groovy -Dgrape.root=/repo/grape yourscript.groovy

Documentation / Reference

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