Maven - Artifact - (Component|Module|Library)


Code Shipping - Artifact (Module|Component) in Maven.

An Artifact is the data storage unit of a repository.

It's at the same time:

(Ie artifacts can be transferred to and from repositories)

Artifacts are generally resources generated by an application such as:

  • website
  • jar/war

but can be any file.

Generally, they are simply library packaged as JAR file from a project.

Identifier / Coordinates

A coordinates is a property that defines uniquely an artifact.

See Maven - Coordinates


A typical artifact produced by Maven would have the form:



In many cases, the dependencies will refer to jar artifacts with no classifier.

for example,

  • myapp-1.0-windows64.jar


The artifactId is the Maven jargon for the project name (ie a project descriptive name).

artifactId indicates the unique base name of an artifact.

Secondary artifacts like source bundles also use the artifactId as part of their final name.

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