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1 - About

module management in Maven.

A multi-module project is defined by a parent POM referencing one or more sub-modules. The mechanism in Maven that handles multi-module projects is referred to as the reactor.

A parent project with pom packaging does not have any resources, it is just a build file, that can be installed/deployed as an artifact.

3 - Structure

3.1 - The parent POM (also called the top-level POM)

<project xmlns=""


    <name>Multi Module Parent Project</name>

    <!--Global Element such as dependency-->


  • groupid, artifactid, version are the project Id
  • the pom packaging indicates that this is a parent PO
  • Each sub-module is represented by a sub-directory in the same directory as pom.xml

4 - Idea

5 - Documentation / Reference

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