Function - Anonymous (Function Literal)

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A anonymous function is a function that has no name. Same as an anonymous block of code ?

Same as Function - Function literal ?

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Bash - Function

A shell function is an object that: is called like a simple command and executes a compound command with a new set of positional parameters. By convention, the function name starts with an underscore....
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Function - First Class Function (Closure|Function Literal)

A programming language is said to support first-class functions if it treats functions as first-class objects. The language supports: constructing new functions during the execution of a program,...
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Function - Function literal

A function literal is an anonymous function defined at its point of use. Same as ?
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Language - Lambda function

Lambda are shorthand to create small, anonymous functions. lambda functions are restricted to a single expression. Lambda expressions return a function when evaluated. It is generally possible to...

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