Function - Arity

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The number of argument in a function signature is called the arity


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Data System Architecture
Collection - (Tuple|Vector|Row)

A tuple is: a finite list of elements (fields) - It can only contain a specific number of elements. ordered by position that may have different types. and still be completely typesafe. You can...
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Function - Binary Function/Operation

A binary operation is an scalar operation with two arguments (arity of two) that produces one value. They are creating a binary relation. the addition operator, the multiplication operator ...
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Function - Signature

The function signature is the list of parameters in a function syntax. The number of arguments is called the of the function. The method signature is the method's name and the parameter types. ...
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Function - Unary

A unary function is a function with a signature that have only one argument (with an arity of one)
Data System Architecture
Logical Data Modeling - Binary Relation

A binary relation is a relationship between two elements that is implemented via a binary function. Binary relations are used in many branches of mathematics to model concepts like: order relation...
Data System Architecture
Logical Data Modeling - Relationship

A relationship is a model element that relates two entities . In its simple form (semantic form), it's a description that has a verb such as: has consists of uses ... entityentity setrelationship...
Data System Architecture
Logical Data Modeling - Relationship Degree (Arity)

The degree of a relationship is the number of entities that participate in the relationship. A binary relationship has a degree = 2, because two different entities participated in the relationship Relationships...

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