Function - count (size of|length)

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Counting occurs with cardinal numbers.

Counting is a way to describe the size of a collection. Ie Statistics - Sample size (N)

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Model Funny
Function - (Aggregate | Aggregation)

Aggregate functions return a single value calculated or selected from values that are in a aggregation relationship (ie a set) This values are also known as summary because they try to summarize...
Number System - Natural Numbers (cardinal and ordinal numbers) -

A natural number can be used for two purposes: to count (ie describe the size of a set) to order (ie or to describe the position of an element in a sequence). The natural numbers are those used...
Data System Architecture
Number, Numeric, Quantity

A number is a mathematical object used to: count, label, and measure. Example: When we are interested in the total number of each species of tortoise, or how many individuals there are per square...
Data System Architecture
SQL - Count

count in SQL count the number of row in a relation (table, query,...). column
Analytic Function Process Order
SQL Function - Window Aggregate (Analytics function)

Windowing functions (known also as analytics) allow to compute: cumulative, moving, and aggregates. They are distinguished from ordinary SQL functions by the presence of an OVER clause. With...
Spark Pipeline
Spark - Count

Count is an action
Card Puncher Data Processing
Statistics - Sample size (N)

The size of the sample. Ie the count of case. Sample size drives and determine sampling error, influence the t-value and the p-value.

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