OS - Console (Local terminal)

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The console is a character-based console device.

Generally when the standard stream are available, we have a console connection.

Console are not shell.

A console is typically connected to the keyboard and display from which it was launched.

A command line interpreter will typically redirects the standard input and output streams to the console (except if its script is started by a job scheduler)

A console application is working with in/out streams and (usually) do not have any graphical interface.

A console window is known as a local terminal

When user starts a terminal, it runs some console application (ie command line interpreter)

Software / Example



Why Text to Console is slow

Why is stdout attached to the console so slow

  • The bytes have to be sent to the console application (should be quite fast)
  • Each char has to be rendered using (usually) a true type font (that's pretty slow)
  • The displayed area may have to be scrolled in order to append a new line to the visible area (best case: bit block transfer operation, worst case: re-rendering of the complete text area)

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