OS - System Call (Process OS communication)

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System calls are the OS API that allows a process to communicate with the kernel of the operating system.

System calls are the most traditional and most obvious interaction points between userspace and the kernel.



System calls for a process on Linux can be obtained with strace.


Windows - Api (Win 32 API )

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Assembly - System Call

Put the system call number in the EAX register. Put the arguments: if =< 6, in order in the following register: EBX, ECX, EDX, ESI, EDI, and EBP If >6, the memory location of the first argument is...
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Data Storage - The Buffer Cache (File System Cache)

All data accessed from files on the system that are performed through the use of read() and write() system calls, pass through the file system buffer cache. This buffer cache greatly speeds up disk access...
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File System - Watcher

A watcher detect a change of state for a file and emits an event. They are used generally to start a process such as: file synchronization restarting a process and more ...
Io Request Lifecycle Windows
I/O - Request (Write/Read) - IO Request Packet (IRP)

An I/O request can be intended for any: io device and storage device - Any time a process reads or write a block of data to the disk that is considered an I/O request. IO request occurs per block...
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MayBe (Process File System call audit)

maybe runs processes under the control of ptrace to show which file system modifications would perform a process. maybe intercepts the system calls that is to make changes to the file system, it logs...
Process States
OS - Process (Main Thread) / Program

OS A process is the first thread started (called the main thread). It's the only thread that is authorized to start a new threads. A process is a unit of resources, while a thread is a unit of: scheduling...
OS - strace (Interactions between processes and the Linux kernel)

strace monitor and tamper interactions between processes and the Linux kernel, which include system calls, signal deliveries, and changes of process state. The operation of strace is made possible by the...
Windows 95 Wallpaper Version
Windows - Api (Win 32 API )

API Microsoft Windows system calls Windows_API

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