I/O - Request (Write/Read) - IO Request Packet (IRP)

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An I/O request can be intended for any:

IO request occurs per block

I/O operations issued to a driver on behalf of the application.

I/O requests are destined to a device

  • operated by a single-layered driver
  • or reached through a multilayered driver.

I/O request can be synchronous or asynchronous



  • Read
  • Write
  • Others (Control, etc…)


The location of the needed data is given via the offset.

Example: “retrieve 8 block of data starting at offset 8100”.


See IO - Scheduling (disk scheduling)


read and write system call


The I/O request packet (IRP) is where the I/O system stores information it needs to process an I/O request. When a thread calls an I/O API, the I/O manager constructs an IRP to represent the operation as it progresses through the I/O system.


Windows Read

ie CPU

Io Request Lifecycle Windows


Io Printer Lifecyle

Documentation / Reference

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