Drive - (Storage|Disk) Array


A disk array is a disk storage system which contains multiple disk drives. It is differentiated from a disk enclosure, in that an array has cache memory and advanced functionality, like:

  • JBOD. (Just a Bunch of Drives) combines both hard drives from different capacity in linear fashion for maximum space efficiency
  • and virtualization.

Components of a typical disk array include:

  • Disk array controllers
  • Cache memories
  • Disk enclosures
  • Power supplies

Typically a disk array provides increased availability, resiliency and maintainability by using additional, redundant components (controllers, power supplies, fans, etc.), often up to the point when all single points of failure (SPOFs) are eliminated from the design. Additionally those components are often hot-swappable.

Disk arrays categories

Typically, disk arrays are divided into categories:

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