Kindle Format


To create Amazon Kindle files using KindleGen, you need:

  • A single HTML file that represents the entire book
  • or an EPUB compliant files. (IDPF’s EPUB spec). Using the EPUB spec, you can create a Kindle book with multiple HTML files and a single OPF file that

links all of them together.

The process of converting non-reflowable content (such as PDF or scans) to reflowable content is labor-intensive and requires specialized formatting knowledge.


.epub is the file extension of an XML format for reflowable digital books and publications. EPUB is composed of three open standards produced by the IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum) :

  • Open Publication Structure (OPS)
  • Open Packaging Format (OPF)
  • Open Container Format (OCF). OCF is a general-purpose container technology, collecting a related set of files into a single-file container; it defines the rules for how to represent a collection of files within a ZIP archive.


DTBook is an XML vocabulary defined in the DAISY/NISO standard. This vocabulary is specifically designed for eBook content. Many structures not found in XHTML are included: footnotes, sidebars, annotations, page numbers, etc. Identifying the beginning of pages and the number of the page in the original print publication enables direct NCX navigation to the beginning of each page as reflected in the print publication.


Documentation / Reference

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