ODBC - How to create a DSN connection in Windows

1 - About

A step by step guide on how to (configure|create) an DSN (data source name) connection on Windows with the ODBC Data Source Administrator application.

To configure a DSN on the Windows 64-bit platform, you must use the 32-bit ODBC Data Source Administrator.

3 - Steps

  • Start > All Program > Administrative Tools > Data Source ODBC
  • Select the tab “System DSN” and click Add
You can choose also to create a DSN in the :
  • User DSN tab to restrict access to one user.
  • System DSN tab to restrict access to system users.
  • File DSN tab to allow access to all users on a network.
  • Depending of your data source, you must select the good driver.
  • For Excel : Microsoft Excel Driver

  • For Oracle 11g : Oracle in OraDb11g_Home1

  • ….

If the driver isn't in the list, you must get it from the software provider and install it (except if you are on a 64 bit plateform, see the support section for more information.)

  • Enter the connection information if required and close the windows.

4 - Support

4.1 - I don't find my driver on a 64 bit machine

Be careful if you want to install DSN with a 32 bit driver, you may have to launch the executable file odbcad32.exe in the 32 bit directory:


SysWOW64 contains all the 32-bit binary files required for compatibility, which run on top of the 64 bit Windows.

Indeed, you have two different environment and then two files :

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