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Open Source =


The real rea­sons be­hind shar­ing come down to the fact that shar­ing gives back more than you put in, in the form of mas­tery, qual­ity, labor, mar­ket­ing, and own­er­ship.

Open source is eating the world:

  • A conclusion from the 2015 Future of Open Source survey: “Seventy-eight percent of respondents said their companies run part or all of its operations on OSS and 66 percent said their company creates software for customers built on open source. This statistic has nearly doubled since 2010.”

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Card Puncher Data Processing
Code - License / Copyright

Whether free or not, resources normally come with a license to ensure fair use. Rather than establishing verbal agreements, I can distribute my work with a license that sets the guidelines for use....
Card Puncher Data Processing
Free and open-source software ( FOSS )

foss is an acronym for free and open-source software. The opposite is proprietary software Open platforms reduce the risk of vendor lock-in. Free and open-source software

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