Nifi - Template

1 - About

A Template is a way of combining the dataflow basic building blocks into larger building blocks.

Once a DataFlow has been created, parts of it can be formed into a Template for future release (import/export)

3 - Management

3.1 - Create

3.1.1 - Canvas

See Doc

Creating a Template with nothing selected while on the Root Process Group will create a single Template that contains the entire flow.

The following is not included in the template:

  • sensitive data (password)
  • any selected connection if either the source or the destination of the Connection is not also included in the Template.

3.1.2 - Import

Templates received from others can be imported or dragged onto the canvas.

3.2 - Instantiate

Instantiate (ie added to the canvas)

3.3 - Export

A template can be exported as an XML file.

4 - Documentation / Reference

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