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Go has a lightweight test framework composed of:


Create a file myGoFile_test.go in the same directory that the file to test myGoFile

package main

import (

func TestFileExist(t *testing.T) {

	const temp = "TEMP"
	tempDoesExist, _ := os.LookupEnv(temp);

	// Exist
	if _, err := os.Stat(tempDoesExist); err == nil {
		// path/to/file exists
		fmt.Printf("The path (%s) does exist", tempDoesExist)
	} else {
		t.Errorf("The path (%s) must exist", tempDoesExist)

	// Doesn't exist
	tempDoesNotExist := filepath.Join(tempDoesExist, "1Er45pt")
	if _, err := os.Stat(tempDoesNotExist); os.IsNotExist(err) {
		// path/to/file does not exist
		fmt.Printf("The path (%s) does not exist", tempDoesNotExist)
	} else {
		t.Errorf("The path (%s) must not exist", tempDoesNotExist)


Setup and TearDown

To add a setup and teardown method, just add the following code.

func TestMain(m *testing.Main) {
    exitCode := m.Run()

Documentation / Reference

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