JSON - Jq Command line processor


jq is a command line json parser.

Data in jq is represented as streams of JSON values.


Get / Reference

by name

  • produces the value at the properties key “foo”
jq .["foo$"] # The full qualified name
jq '.foo' # Short name
  • or
.foo|.bar  (.foo.bar is equivalent)
  • Optional (no error)
jq '.foo?'  

by key

Arrays are zero-based

.[1] # returns the second element.
  • Slice 10 included, 15 excluded
  • No Error

by Alias

  • as - An Json object can be saved for later use with the as keyword in a pipe
jq '. as $alias | $alias '


Map (To Array)

Map(x) will run the input filter x for each element of the input array, and return the outputs in a new array

Example: The Map function returns the value of Json objects array in an array

    {"name":"JSON", "good":true}, 
    {"name":"XML", "good":false}
  • Process
jq 'map(.name)' input.json

To list

  • Create a list
    {"name":"JSON", "good":true}, 
    {"name":"XML", "good":false}
  • Process
jq '.[] | .name, .good' input.json


The | operator combines two filters by feeding the output(s) of the one on the left into the input of the one on the right.

    {"name":"JSON", "good":true}, 
    {"name":"XML", "good":false}
  • Process
jq '.[] | .name' input.json

Join (From Array to String)

From an array


join (",")

grouping operator

jq '(. + 2) * 5'
input: 1 output 15

Get keys


Keys Returns:

  • the index of an array
  • or the keys of an object

To Entry

  • In an array of object, get the keys by pivoting a key to a value with the to_entries
cat myJson.json | jq '."foo" | to_entries[] | .key

To Array from Keys

  • From an array of object, returns the keys in an array
  { key1:Hello;key2:Nico },
  { key1:Hello;key2:Moi }
jq 'map(keys) | add | unique' input.json
  • Return


Raw string

jq -r # To get the result as a raw string


Don't forget the -r options

Without headers

    {"name":"JSON", "good":true}, 
    {"name":"XML", "good":false}
  • Process (@csv need an array of an array as input)
jq -r '.[] | [.name, .good] | @csv' input.json

With headers

jq -r '(map(keys) | add | unique) as $cols | map(. as $row | $cols | map($row[.])) as $rows | $cols, $rows[] | @csv'

See https://stackoverflow.com/questions/32960857/how-to-convert-arbirtrary-simple-json-to-csv-using-jq

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