Yaml - Sequence

Yaml Representation


A sequence in Yaml


- Mark McGwire
- Sammy Sosa
- Ken Griffey
[Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Ken Griffey]


- Mark McGwire
- Sammy Sosa
- Ken Griffey
  - Boston Red Sox
  - Detroit Tigers
  - New York Yankees
  - New York Mets
  - Chicago Cubs
  - Atlanta Braves
- [name        , hr, avg  ]
- [Mark McGwire, 65, 0.278]
- [Sammy Sosa  , 63, 0.288]
  name: Mark McGwire
  hr:   65
  avg:  0.278
  name: Sammy Sosa
  hr:   63
  avg:  0.288

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