What is observability? What are telemetry data?

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Observability permits the observation of the state of an application via telemetry data.

There are 3 telemetry data type (known also as dimensions or pillars)

  • metrics (in-memory metrics)
  • log (event file logging)
  • trace (stack trace registration)


Metrics are:

  • in-memory time series data
  • that permits building a dashboard of your engine, to check the activity of your application
  • and alerts in case of issues


Log are events stored in files. They are managed by an event logger.

There are 2 kinds:

  • textual event with a state as INFO or ERROR
  • event registration with data (Event Analytics)

They can be:

  • processed to derive metrics
  • read to see the activity or state of an application and debug any problem.


Traces logs the stack trace.

They are managed by a tracing system.


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