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duplicate of Process Modeling - Event-oriented model (Event-Driven)

Such approach is needed in information systems that provide information in real-time. Most of the existing modeling approaches use only information about type of event and the time when an event occurs. However, in the databases we can store and then we can use much richer information about events.

The models use mathematical formulas to describe behavior of the system. The algorithms are understood as algorithms that work with analytical models as well as algorithms for event mining or event processing.

Event mining can be defined as a process of finding:

  • the frequent events,
  • the rare events, unknown event (it occurrence can be deduced from observation of the system),
  • the correlation between events,
  • the consequences of event and what caused the event.

There is a two special class of algorithms for event detection based:

  • on numerical and categorical data analysis
  • and/or on analysis of the textual information.

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Card Puncher Data Processing
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