OC4J - Configuration Files

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OC4J - Configuration Files

Server XML Configuration Files

The OC4J server configuration XML files are located in the following directory:


The server.xml file is the key OC4J server configuration file; it contains references to most of the files used by the OC4J server. Besides configuring the OC4J server, the server.xml file also points to other configuration files, such as the jms.xml file for JMS support.

  |-> jms.xml
  |       |->principals.xml
  |       |->data-sources.xml

Together, the server.xml, the application.xml, and the default-web-site.xml files define an application’s configuration.

More detail in the documentation in this paragraph : Configuration Files Used in OC4J

Oc4j Global Configuration Xml


Attributes ^ Attributes ^ Description ^ | application-directory=“../applications” | The target directory for deployed archives. | | deployment-directory=“../application-deployments” | The directory containing the OC4J-specific deployment descriptors and generated files, such as compiled JSP classes and EJB wrapper classes. | |connector-directory=“../connectors” | Others Attributes ^ Attributes ^ Description ^ | | Identifies the configuration file for the OC4J global web application, which by default is the parent of all other Web applications.
The name and root directory path, or context root, of the default Web application are specified in the global application descriptor, and the default Web application is bound to a Web site through the default-web-site.xml file. In standalone OC4J, the default context root for the default Web application is “/”. | ===== Configuring the OC4J JSP Environment ===== Configuring the OC4J JSP Environment The default parameters used to initialize each servlet instance are specified in subelements of the element within the global-web-application.xml configuration file.

The default location of the web.xml is the ORACLE_HOME/home/j2ee/ appName/webModuleName/WEB-INF directory.

Table of JSP Environment Configuration Parameters

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