Cognito - User Attribute (User Directory)

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directory service in Cognito.

It's only available with Cognito - User Pool


A identity provider retrieves and updates user pool profiles attribute.

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Cognito - Identity Pool

cognito Identity Pool is a way to authorize users to use AWS services. They are the containers that Cognito Identity uses to keep your apps’ federated identities organized. Identity Pool associates...
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Cognito - Identity Provider

identity provider in Cognito. They are used to authenticate a user, retrieve and update user pool profiles. External Identity provider possibility: SAML OpenID Connect ( Example with...
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Cognito - Javascript Identity Sdk (amazon-cognito-identity-js)

The Cognito Javascript Sdk is one of the Cognito Sdk amplify SDK the auth amplify library Before: aws/amazon-cognito-identity-js. After: aws-amplify/amplify-js/tree/master/packages/amazon-cognito-identity-js...
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Cognito - User Pool

A cognito User Pool is a Identity provider providing a user directory service to handle: user registration, authentication, and account recovery. A User Pool securely stores your users’ profile...

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