Azure Authentication - Application (Client Id) - Service Principal

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The app creates a central identity to authenticate and access Azure Resource.

It holds information like:

  • OAuth Client ID,
  • Reply URLs,
  • and credentials



Azure Active Directory > User settings > App registrations setting.

If set to:

  • Yes, non-admin users can register AD apps. This setting means any user in the Azure AD tenant can register an app.
  • No, only global administrators can register apps.



  • Azure Active Directory > App registration > + new Registrations
  • Fill the name, the native type + an URL (http://localhost)

Get Identity

  • application ID (ie client id). Azure Active Directory > App Registration > Application Id
  • and authentication key - Azure Active Directory > App Registration (Preview) > Certificates and Secrets




To access resources in your subscription, you must assign the application to a role.

Go to your resource group and add permission (IAM)

Documentation / Reference

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