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The tenant seems to be the active directory domain.

One tenant = one organisation.



from the Azure portal > ? > Show diagnostics

      "id": "398061b4-4a6f-4301-9720-8fe4ac6d75f4",
      "domainName": "",
      "displayName": "tenantDisplayName",
      "isSignedInTenant": true


The value is a sort of hash value. Example: c81da1d8-65ca-11e7-b1d1-ecb1d756380e

  • In the portal

Azure Portal Ad Tenant Id

azure login
azure account show

# One value
azure account show --json | jq -r '.[0].tenantId'
az account show --subscription a... | jq -r '.tenantId'{subscription-id}?api-version=2015-01-01

Documentation / Reference

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