Language - (Grammar|Production) Rule

1 - About

Recursive rules (known as production):

Each production rule references others and thus makes up the grammar of the language.

Production are rules for replacing (or rewriting) nonterminal symbols (on the left side of the production) in a string with other nonterminal or terminal symbols (on the right side of the production).

Expression are not production rules. See Language - Expression

3 - Syntax

Production rules are simple replacements. For example, the rule

A -> a

replaces A with a.

There can be multiple replacement rules for any given value. For example,

A -> a
A -> b

means that A can be replaced with either:

  • a
  • or b.

4 - Type

Parsing Steps:

  1. Antlr - Parser Rule: Then, the parser creates an AST from the created tokens with the definition of parser rule.

5 - Documentation / Reference

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