Software Design - Data Accuracy


Data accuracy refers to the degree with which data correctly represents the “real-life” objects they are intended to model.

Measure of Accuracy

In many cases, accuracy is measured by how the values agree with an identified source of correct information (such as reference data).

There are different sources of correct information:

  • a database of record,
  • a similar corroborative set of data values from another table,
  • dynamically computed values,
  • or perhaps the result of a manual process.

If that data is available as a reference data set, and automated process can be put in place to verify the accuracy, but if not, a manual process may be instituted to contact that regional board to verify the accuracy of that attribute.


An example of an accuracy rule might specify that for healthcare providers, the Registration Status attribute must have a value that is accurate according to the regional accreditation board.

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