Object - Relationship

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Logical Data Modeling - Relationship in class (code).

Wiring everything (entity) together is a tedious part of application development.

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3.1 - Instance-level

3.1.1 - Association

An Association is a structural relationship (a tuple) between the objects of two classes. - Containement

A containment may be one of this form:

  • composition - the building of object from other objects
  • aggregation - the listing of objects in another object

3.1.2 - Dependency

3.2 - Class-level

3.2.1 - Inheritance

generalization relationship

The subclass is considered to be a specialized form of the super type and the superclass is considered a Generalization of the subclass. It's also known as a tree of generalizations.

3.2.2 - Implementation

Type - Implementation (Generalization relationship) - also known as realization is a relationship between a client that implements the behavior of an interface (supplier).

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