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Logical Data Modeling - Association

An Association is just the link on a class diagram that represents visually a relationship.



Bank: Given a Bank, a particular accountNo identifies zero or one Person where:

  • the qualifier is the Property accountNo,
  • the qualified object is the Bank.

Uml Qualified Association Bank


  • where every possible value for Rank and File indicates an individual Square because the multiplicity is 1:1 (Therefore an individual Square on the Chessboard may be identified by rank and file)
  • with a composite relationship (black diamond)

Uml Qualified Composite Association Cheesboard

Documentation / Reference

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Uml Association Class
Object - Association Class

An Association Class is a class that holds association information between two class. relational association table - 2.5.1 - page 207 for the figure
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Object - Relationship

in class (code). entity An Association is a structural relationship (a tuple) between the objects of two classes. A containment may be one of this form: composition - the building of object...

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