Data Type - Complex Data Type

1 - About

A complex data type is a data type that shows a structure.

All complex data type are based on a class concept. They are complex because they shows a structure

A data type that is not complex is primitive (ie can be compared by a single value)

3 - Basic Data Structure Primitive

A complex data type is created from this three basic type primitives:

and can also be composed from other complex type.

4 - Type

4.1 - Aggregate

(aggregate|compounds) types: a type that contains other type (ie elements)

4.2 - Composed

Composite: that is, types built up from simpler ones

4.3 - Abstract / Concrete

An abstract data type (tables, treeā€¦) defines the behavior (method) via an interface and may be implemented in different ways. When a type is not abstract, it's know as a concrete type.

An abstract type and its implementation have a implementation relationship.

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