Hash - Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA)

Consistent Hashing


sha algorithm are a family of hash algorithm


List of well known SHA and how to calculate them.

Hash Family
sha1 (not secure) SHA-1
sha224 SHA-2
sha256 SHA-2
sha384 SHA-2
sha512 SHA-2



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Consistent Hashing
Cryptography - Hash

A hash function is an encryption crypto algorithm that takes as data as input (possibly large and of variable-sized) and produces a short fixed-length integer value (generally printed as an hexadecimal...
Cryptography - Message Digest (checksum|hash) (sha1|md5)

A message digest is the output of hash function (also known as a checksum). The input is known as the message (ie a piece of data: file, payload). It is used to verify that the data has not been altered...
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Consistent Hashing
Function - sha1 (Secure Hash Algorithm-1) function

A sha1 (Secure Hash Algorithm) is an hash function that generates 40-character string (message_digest) composed of hexadecimal characters (0–9 and a–f). In a file system, it's calculated based on...
Consistent Hashing
Function - sha256 (Secure Hash Algorithm-256)

sha256 is a hash function of the sha family sha256integrity HTML attributebase64 With the crypto.subtle.digest function. Output: Test it yourself, change the input and see the change in the...
Consistent Hashing
Function - sha512 (Secure Hash Algorithm-512)

sha512 is a Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) algorithm that create a message digest sha512integrity HTML attributebase64 Openssl the linux sha512sum utility.
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A commit in git is an object that stores the information : who saved the file system snapshots, when they were saved, why they were saved. the commiter the author the parent commit It's...
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integrity is an attribute of the fetch elements. Its value is a digest that controls that the file was not altered in transit. It's a data integrity functionality. If the calculation output with...
Consistent Hashing
Hash Function - sha384 (Secure Hash Algorithm-384)

Hash-based message authentication code (hmac)

HMAC or Hash-based message authentication code is a specific type of message authentication code (MAC) involving: a cryptographic hash function (SHA or MD5) and a secret cryptographic key. private...

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