Hana - SDI - Data Provisioning Agent

Sap Hana Architecture



The Data Provisioning Agent Configuration tool manages Data Provisioning Agents and adapters, and connections to SAP HANA.

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Hana Adapters Architecture
HANA - Adapter (Virtual Table)

Every Java developer can now extend Hana by writing new Adapters with a few lines of code. The foundation of this feature is Hana Smart Data Access. Adapter create virtual tables, which are views on...
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HANA - SDI - (Architecture|Components)

Data Provisioning Agent When SAP HANA is deployed: on premise, the Data Provisioning Server within SAP HANA connects to the agent using the TCP/IP protocol. (Port 5050) in the cloud or behind a firewall,...
Sap Hana Architecture
HANA - Smart Data Integration (SDI)

The SDI product consists of three main building blocks: The Hana Index Server (core HANA process), the Data Provisioning Server (core HANA process) and the Data Provisioning Agent (Extern process,...

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