HANA - Adapter (Virtual Table)


Every Java developer can now extend Hana by writing new Adapters with a few lines of code. The foundation of this feature is Hana Smart Data Access.

Adapter create virtual tables, which are views on top of remote data.


For safety reasons these adapters do not run inside Hana but are hosted on one or many external computers running the Hana Data Provisioning Agent and the Adapters. This agent is a very small download from Service Market Place and can be located on any Windows/Linux computer. Since the agent talks to Hana via either TCP or https, the agent can even be installed inside the company network and loads into a Hana cloud instance!




Because the agent can be installed anywhere, it can be even installed on-premise and be connected to a Hana cloud. instance. Not even a VPN tunnel has to be used as the supported protocol includes https as well. In this case the agent does establish a https connection to the Cloud Hana instance just as any other web browser would do.


The Data Provisioning Agent Configuration tool manages Data Provisioning Agents and adapters, and connections to SAP HANA.


Developing an Adapter is much easier. Hana Studio has a plugin so it acts as an agent, so the developer can watch the internals easily.

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